Monday, October 17, 2011

The Worst Such as I

1 Timothy 1:12-17

In this passage, Paul wrote how sinful and wretched he is. He explained to Timothy that unless its because of Grace, he will not be given a privilege of serving God in ministry. Therefore He felt that God is indeed loving Him with no boundary.

When we looked into the life of Paul, he can be considered as the Greatest Apostle. More than half of the letters/books in NT was written by Paul. He is that great missionaries with vision and endurance greater than many other.

Yet for him, he is the worst of all. He is nothing. He is just a sinner saved by grace.

This came through his personal experience, and know from how far he had come and become. From a persecutor of Christian, to the Apostle of Christian.

We can only understand the beauty of Grace, when we able to realize how sinful we are. We can only know how much we have hurt God, when we know how deep is our mistakes and sins.

Learning from Paul's statement to Timothy, it is a humbling lesson for me. That i am nothing but a sinner saved by Grace.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If The Bible Doesnt Say It! Then Dont Say It!

1 Timothy 1:3-4

In this short introduction to the letter to Timothy, Paul 1st instruction to Timothy is to remind the Church of Ephesus from teaching the false teaching. This false teachings seems to do with some mythical story of the Old Testament Genealogy. Now the interesting fact is, this seems to be Timothy 1st priority.

As we bring this lesson alive today, what are some false teaching that we might have in our Church? When i read this verse for the first time what came immediately to my mind was "conspiracy theory" especially related to the end time event. As much as we know Satan does get involved in all evil, we shouldnt stick too much on it. Too many people i know were fascinated with it simply because it brings uniqueness, "i know something you dont know" kind of attitude.

Paul clearly stated to Timothy - "stick with the redemptive plan that operates by faith" rather than focusing too much on Conspiracy Stories probably this is the time for me to stick more to Christ, the true Savior. I should take more time in spending time with Him rather than other "myth and genealogies"

Preach more about Him crucified!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Proverbs 12:9

This proverbs help me to see the beauty of simplicity and humility. They say too many people wants to be superhero nowadays. We want to be recognized and popular. Many people even will do whatever it takes to gain popularity. But often it is not balanced by rich inner self. They look rich outside, but empty inside. They live a glamorous life out of debt and suffer later.

This proverbs allow me to see that i dont need those popularity. Recognition and adoration is just a shadow and has no meaning at all. What is needed is our real self deep within that need God all the time. God is the one whom we should recognize and adore. Therefore the question for us will be, are we able to move the limelight from us to other people and to God?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Politics and Its Implication

Proverbs 12:5-7

2 of the main verses of this passage deals with the reality of the world. People of today is as open as they are in backstabbing and deceiving each others. Both of these verses deals with that simple reality in their render for describing "wicked" people.

The reality of life is that simple, people will always prioritize things that benefit them first before others. Its just our nature, it is in our blood. But the saddest part is when we Christian, who proclaim believing in the Word yet act not as the Word had spoken to us.

Those who do not believe in the Bible might have the excuses to do what they do but us? We do not have that privilege and excuses. We are meant to live up the Word in all ways including this verses.

So the question for us; Are we wicked? We can start to examine that from the word that come from our mouth. Is it full of deceit? Is it waiting to shed innocent blood (in all ways and not literally)? When our word, our plan is to deceive and to trick others then we should re-examine ourselves as a Christian. For if we still consider ourselves Christian, we are a 'wicked Christian'.

The promises of God in this Proverbs is clear, for those who continue to be deceitful will indeed be perished. But those who are faithful will find eternity.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crown of A Lifetime

Proverbs 12:4

This is one of my favorite verse in the bible =) not only because i am married =) but rather because the Bible do cares about the character of a person. (in this particular case woman) However contrary to the modern perspective of a woman, the Bible value woman from a different perspective.

If you ever notice how woman portrayed in the media today, it takes just a common sense to see how woman is being devalued from a person into an object. Almost (if not all) all media portray that the value of woman is defined by her body and/or her sexual attractiveness.

Woman is often described as beautiful if they have: long legs, super white skins, extra slim body, big boobs, and interestingly they are also measured through their willingness to show all of those "qualities" as much as possible. The more woman able to bare their skin the more attractive she will be.

There is almost no emphasis at all, on the quality of her character, left alone her noble character just like the way Proverbs has describe it.

However, this verse is not complete unless we deals with the word crown in this verse as well. Not all people are eligible to wear a crown today. How much more in the past. Crown often symbolizes the unique position of a person in the society. Only people with distinctive quality are eligible to wear a crown. They must be coming from either the Priesthood line, or Royal line. Therefore, noble woman is described as not only precious, but honorable. They are full of praise and adoration.

This verse is a good reminder for us on what God actually sees from a woman. But for us men, probably we should start to think differently about the quality of woman that we want to have as a life partner. Lets consider the biblical point of view rather than only focusing on the way the world sees woman.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What God Hates

Proverbs 12:2-3

There is one thing that strikes me immediately when i read these 2 verses. It is the word wicked. The verse came from the word myzzimot in Hebrew that means evil plot.

This word has a personal meaning for myself since it is something that is very real in my personal life. I have seen, experienced, even become a victim of people "wicked plan" and it is not a pleasant experience.

However this verse gave me that encouragement that Number One; God despises them and number two: they dont last. Even though i still have to see the fulfillment of that promises in the real world, i do believe God is real. Therefore His promises is real.

However it is a personal reminder for myself that God hates those who planned something evil against their fellow men. It is something that i should dare to take a stand. Planning something bad against someone else is as bad as despising God.

On the more positive side though, God honors and bless those who are standing for the right. Proverbs says: "they receive a favor from God" that is something very encouraging. I might not be perfect (and i will never be) but one thing i know He is pleased with me when i "choose" to do good.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Proverbs 12:1

Corrections is something that not easy to swallow for a person like me. Not only that it affects my ego, its also embarassing. However this Proverbs reminds me again that those who loves instruction loves knowledge. Simply means those who is able to learn from their mistake considered wise.

Making mistake is not something that noone is immune to but not all are able to correct themselves on their own. Sometimes we need someone's help to open up our eyes to see what is the mistake we did. Those who refuse to open up is considered stupid by the Proverbs.

So this is something new for me, but on the same time very meaningful. I will try my best to allow God to reminds me both directly or through someone that He sends me.

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